MM3 Tuner Switch Firmware

MM3 Power Tuner Powered by Switch Firmware

The New MM3 Switch Firmware:

  • Howdy Folks! We are pleased to announce the new MM3 Switch Firmware!! As you can see in the video below this new firmware and software has made some huge changes to how the MM3 Tuner will operate with our newest tuning.  We are excited about his change as it will give our customers and even better experience with their tuners.
  • All our new customers from this point on will have this new firmware and tuning installed on their tuners. Also, all of the new warp tuning customers will have their tunes set up for the new firmware as well.
  • This brings us to an important note concerning this new firmware. In order for your tuner to function with this new firmware correctly, your tuning files will have to be made with the latest Warp Tuning software. This will mean that existing customers will have to get their tune files remade with the latest software in order to take advantage of the new firmware. If you are an existing customer and you wish to have your tunes changed for this, then you will need to purchase a retune off our website for $197.97. You can purchase your retunes by clicking here.
  • Please understand that if your existing tuning is working just fine for you, you do not have to update. There is no need for you to spend your money if you do not have to.
  • Also, understand this is a major update and we anticipate a high demand for customers wanting to get the latest and greatest. So, understand we may get backlogged on getting customers what they want in a timely manner. We do guarantee you will continue to get the best customer service in the industry from our staff.

Changes in Our Tuning Lineup!:

With the new firmware, new customers will get much more for their dollar. See how the new Tuning Lineup will work below.

  • MM3 Express Option: This option will continue to offer a Single Tune at a lower price point.
  • MM3 Lite Option:  This option will now offer 6 Power Levels of 30HP, 60HP, 90HP, 120HP, 150HP and 200HP!  No Sound Tunes Modifiers included.
  • MM3 Complete Option and Full Tuning Packages:  These options will now contain all 6 Power Levels with the normal sound, but also the same 6 Power Levels with both the 12Valve and Whistle Sound Tune Modifiers! You’ll also get a Lope Idle Tune as well. That’s a total of 19 tunes!
  • MM3 EGRLESS Emissions Tuning Option:  You will continue to get the same 4 HP levels of 30HP, 60HP, 90HP, and 120HP but this will now come with the Switch Function.
  • Warp Tuning: (for customers already owning an MM3 or RaceME Ultra Tuner) – Customers will get all 6 HP Levels when they order the base Warp Tuning Package and can option for all the Sound Tune Modifiers for only a $110.00 more.
  • EGRLESS Emissions Warp Tuning: (For customers owning an MM3 Tuner already) – You guys will still get the same 4 levels of HP but now with the Switch Function.

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Thank you and God bless!
Double R Diesel