MM3 Tuner Questions & Answers

MM3 Power Tuner Questions and Answers

Thank you for choosing Double R Diesel for your Diesel Performance needs. We have decided to make this Q&A to answer some of the basic questions the newcomer may have and hopefully steer them in the right direction of purchasing the MM3 Tuner. Unfortunately, we can’t call every customer by phone as there is not enough time in the day. So please feel free to ask any questions you may have after reading and watching the videos on this page as email will be a faster response time from us.

Starting April 1st, 2019 and going forward we will only be doing business with customers who are Lifetime Platinum Members of IGOTACUMMINS.COM. Our goal is to provide the best possible service for those folks who genuinely desire to do business with us. Unfortunately, the Diesel Performance Industry is changing, and we have to switch on how we do business along with it. We feel the time has come to implement a new security measure. Not only will this measure ensure the best service for our loyal customers, but it also adds another layer of security for our database which contains both our data and our customer’s information as well.

Please Note: As an added bonus of being a Lifetime Platinum Member on IGOTACUMMINS.COM you’ll receive a (10% Discount) on all our tuning packages and (20% Discount) on our tuning services for life. The Lifetime Platinum Membership will also give you access to info and help 24/7 along with best customer service in the Diesel Performance Industry from DRD. Stacked discounts are available for our Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, & Qualifying First Repsponders whether Active or Retired on the above savings.

* At this time we do not work on customers trucks or offer tuning for EFI Live, EZ Lynk, H&S Mini Maxx or MCC. We also have discontinued selling the RaceME Ultra, but do offer (Custom Warp Tuning) that can be used with the RaceME Ultra. You can purchase that here. PS: We don’t offer Smoke Tunes.

Refund and Replacement Policy:

  • There will absolutely be NO REFUNDS for any reason. Unfortunately, we have had a few folks try to lie there way into a refund for their purchase, and we will not tolerate that. We have a lot of experience with tuning and the products we sell. We know our stuff. We will do our best to satisfy our customers completely, but do not come at us with the argument that “I don’t like it,” “this is not what I expected,” etc. If this is not agreeable, then go no further.
  • Now having said that; if you have a problem with your tuner or other parts we sell, we will work with you to take up any warranty issue with the manufacturer. Often defective parts will be replaced free of charge with the understanding that the defective parts must be returned to the manufacturer for evaluation for warranty approval.

If I bought an MM3 Tuner from someone else can I purchase tunes from Double R Diesel to use on my Tuner?

  • Yes. You can purchase our Custom Warp Tuning to use on your MM3 Tuner. This also applies to the RaceME Ultra. Our Custom Warp Tuning starts at $725.97 for six tunes and goes to $825.97 if Sound Tunes are added which then is 19 tunes total. Please click the Year Model of your truck below to purchase just our Custom Warp Tuning.
  • 2007.5 – 2009: HERE
  • 2010 – 2012: HERE
  • 2013 – 2019: HERE

Should I even modify my truck at all?

  • This might sound like a dumb question, but you must ask yourself this before you do anything to your truck as this will save you and us a lot of headache and time by reading everything below.
  • When you add performance parts such as a tuner, exhaust, etc. you must accept the fact that you are taking your truck away from stock condition. This means you could very well be voiding your factory powertrain warranty. When you modify any vehicle from stock, you alone are responsible for any consequence resulting from your modifications. This means if you break or damage something as a result of modifying your vehicle, you cannot be a “crybaby.” You have to deal with whatever happens on your own time and expense. We at Double R Diesel merely provide you with the parts and tools needed to make your modifications but you the customer are the ones that make modifications, and all liability is on you! If you cannot accept this fact, please go no further as we cannot help you.
  • Also modifying your vehicle can also violate local, state, and Federal Laws. It is your responsibility as the customer to understand what is and is not legal for your area. We are not responsible if you get a citation or fine imposed upon you for illegal modifications to your vehicle. That is your responsibility!

Added power can mean the need for supporting modifications:

  • We recommend that if you plan to have power increases above the 120HP mark, you install a set of quality head studs into your 6.7 Cummins to help prevent the possibility of blown head gasket due to increased cylinder pressures with those tunes. We recommend ARP Head Studs for those who wish to do that. ARP 425 (Series 2000) head studs will do the job but understand those require a retorque after a few heat cycles to maintain a permanent proper torque. ARP 625’s do not require a retorque after installing due to their construction material that does not stretch.
  • We also recommend that any 68RFE Transmission equipped truck have an ultra-low stall torque converter and performance valve body installed for power increases above the 120HP mark. If you wish to eliminate the “shift flare” caused by torque converter clutch unlock between gears changes, we recommend you install an ultra-low stall torque converter at any power level increase. We recommend Revmax Converters products for your 68RFE Transmission upgrade needs.
  • If your truck has the G56 Manual Transmission, you will need to install a dual disk performance clutch to prevent slipping with any power increase above the 60HP level. We recommend Valair Clutches for your clutch needs.
  • Since the tuning and aftermarket does not offer any help with the Aisin transmission, we cannot make any recommendations for the Aisin equipped trucks. Do understand that the more power you add to an Aisin transmission, the sloppier it will shift, and its service life span will decrease. However, results have shown the Aisin to be a more durable transmission than the 68RFE in bone stock form.

Are you capable of doing what is required to tune your truck?

  • Again, this may seem to be another dumb question…but it is not!
  • You must possess basic computer skills and mechanical skills to install a tuner/parts and tune your vehicle! You must be capable of following written instructions, watching instructional videos, searching for information on the internet, copying and pasting computer files, downloading computer files, unzipping compressed computer files, pressing buttons, turning wrenches, and plugging in wiring connections to successfully tune/ modify your truck. If you cannot do these things or have someone else do it for you, then we cannot help you. A Windows-based operating system is required, you cannot use an Apple Product as this will cause you major problems. MM3 is based on Windows!

Should I delete or not?

  • That is entirely up to you! First of all, deleting emissions equipment can be a significant violation of Federal, State, and local laws. You must decide what is legal and appropriate for where you live and operate your truck. We will not be responsible if you break the law!
  • Having said that, generally, trucks with more 50K miles on the clock would tend to have issues related to the emissions systems failing. Adding emissions compliant tuning on a truck will often cause this process to speed up, so be prepared that if you buy our emissions compliant tuning that you may have to have your emissions systems serviced more often. For the truck owner that has a truck with high mileage and who also wants to spend as little as possible over the service life of the vehicle will find deleting a more desirable option.

Optional Exhaust?

  • We recommend you change or modify your exhaust within 30 miles of driving once the truck is programmed with deleted tuning. Failure to do so can quickly clog the factory DPF system.
  • Off-Road tuning will require DPF removal. We sell many exhaust options should you need an exhaust. Options range from a simple delete pipe to full turbo back systems.
  • Delete pipes only replace the section of exhaust that contains the DPF, Catalytic Converter and/or NOx Catalyst. Delete pipes are also the cheapest and easiest option to install. The delete pipe kit is universal and designed to work all pickup models from 2007.5 to 2018 models.
  • Full turbo back kits replace everything from the turbo back as the name says. These are available in 4 and 5-inch diameters. They are available with or without a muffler. Full turbo back kits require more effort to install. Sometimes 5-inch kits require a little hammering in spots to create a dimple for added clearance around frame and axle components.
  • Applications without a muffler will be the loudest option of course. Also, 5-inch diameter exhaust gives the deepest tone.
  • Diameter size plays no role in power output on most trucks. 4-inch diameter flows plenty well enough for up to 1000HP trucks, so do not think that using a 4-inch exhaust will restrict your truck. Going 5-inch only changes the sound and look of your truck.
  • Exhaust is available in either aluminized steel or 409 Stainless Steel. Please note that 409 Stainless is not rust proof and will surface rust over time.
  • Please also note that sometimes exhaust can show up with a minor dent or two from shipping. Our distributor acknowledges this can happen and has told us that returns are not accepted for minor cosmetic dents. Sometimes minor dents can be hammered out by the customer very easily, and the exhaust system works just fine. Exhaust that shows up with major damage that cannot be used can be returned with an authorization from us via our distributor and a replacement sent out.

OMG, it Smokes when I give it Throttle!

  • Deleted trucks will smoke some no matter what you do. Be prepared for that! We enable low boost fueling on our off-road tunes to give the best possible throttle response. Low boost fueling can and will put fuel ahead of boost, which can cause black smoke…but it also gives the best possible throttle response. Without low boost fueling, your truck will have a “dead pedal” until the turbo can make boost. So remember if you see smoke, don’t be alarmed. Also, remember you can control how much smoke is produced with your right foot. Again, don’t be alarmed and be responsible with the freedom you have.

Fuel Economy?

  • The question we get the most is how much fuel MPG will I gain? Well, that’s hard to say as everyone does something different with their trucks. All our tunes are the same fuel economy across the board. Not one tune gets better fuel economy than the other.
  • The averages we see are hand calculated on our trucks and they are 16MPG to 18MPG real-world conditions.

Does the MM3 Tuner unlock the ECM?

  • Yes. There is no need for another unlock as the MM3 Tuner will unlock the ECM.

So how do you assemble an MM3 Tuner and how do you install it?

  • There is no way we can make a set of written instructions that will work for everyone and every truck. However, you may watch the video in the below that give you some idea of the what unboxing a tuner and installing one is like. However, it will ultimately be up to you to decide how to make your install work for you! You’ll need to set aside an hour or two for install of your new tuner.

You sent me the wrong pillar mount and it won’t work!

  • Whoa, hold up a minute! We had to change the style of pillar mount we sell vs the one shown in the above video. Although the box may say it does not fit your year model, IT WILL FIT! You may have to do a little trimming on the plastic parts to make it fit like a glove but it will work just fine. BTW, these mounts only come in one color as seen. If you wish to have a different color, you must paint it yourself. The video below discusses the latest pillar mount we sell.

So, what is the first that I must do when I get my tuner installed?

  • Your tuner will arrive with tuning already installed by us, BUT we ask the first thing you do is download your stock file and save it to your SD card. This ensures that your tuner is working properly before you actually tune your truck. In case of an issue your SD card will have the stock file saved for us if we request it. This will provide us information that the identification number alone cannot provide. The video below will explain this.

Can I drive my truck after retrieving the stock file?

  • Yes, you can! Pulling the stock file does not change the current tuning. So, if your truck is factory stock, it will still be running on the factory stock tune after getting the stock file. If your truck has been tuned by another tuner already, it will still be running on the last tune programmed in by the older tuner after you get your stock file.

Can I retrieve a correct stock file if my truck is already tuned?

  • Yes. The stock file is merely a calibration ID read, therefore the truck does not have to have factory tune installed before reading the stock file.

Can I do my deletes before tuning my truck?

  • Our answer is NO! If you change out your factory exhaust or delete your EGR system without programming your truck first with the needed tune files, your truck will go into limp mode and will not operate correctly! So if you doing deletes with our tuning, please wait until you have your tune files from us and you have successfully programmed your ECM before removing any hard parts!

Do we provide instructions on how to remove emissions components?

  • No, we do not and will not. If you do remove emissions items, you are completely on your own on how to do that. This where you must possess basic mechanical skills enough so to figure out how to remove and replace parts. Google will be your friend for this process.

So how do I download tune files and paste them to my SD card?

  • You may be required to download tune files from the internet via our server and paste them into your tuner’s SD card. The following video will give you some idea on how to do that, but we cannot provide instructions that will work for everyone. We do ask that you use Google Chrome as your Web Browser whenever you open your email or links back to our servers to download your tune files. Please note we now send you a link from which you download your tune files from our servers. So instead of your tune files being attached to an email, we send you a link by email to click so that you can download your tune files straight from our servers. If you ever lose your files, they will be there for you to redownload.

How do I use the MM3 Tuner to Program My Truck?

  • If your tuner is ready to go and the tune files are in place on the SD card, then you may program your truck. Watch the following video to give you some idea how that process works. Please note that good batteries with a proper charge is essential in your tuner programming your truck successfully! Please make sure your batteries are fully charged before starting this process.

What if I get an error code when programming my truck?

  • Number one, don’t panic! This happens from time to time, and generally, the solutions are simple. Most often error codes result from poor installs/user error.
  • If you get an error message, then take a photograph of that message and send it to us by email here. We will get back to you promptly on how to correct the situation.

You may be required to reformat your SD card and replace firmware files to fix some issues!

  • OMG! Ray just told me I have to do what?! Yes, in some instances you may need to reformat your tuner’s SD card and reinstall firmware/and tune files back to your SD card. This is not hard but it does require you to know how to operate a computer. The following videos will show you how to do that…

What if my Check Engine Light Comes On!?

  • Again, do not panic! Generally, a CEL is just a light and may not mean anything serious. Most often check engine lights come on when the truck owner unplugs something they should not have done.
  • If you get a CEL, use the DTC menu on your tuner to read the stored diagnostic trouble codes. Take a picture of what you see and send that to use. We will then advise you on what to do. Often the CEL can be turned off by clearing the codes provided the underlying problem is addressed. If you clear the codes with the tuner, make sure you do so with the ignition switched to the run position but the engine NOT RUNNING!

Can I recalibrate my truck’s speedometer with the MM3?

  • Yes, you can. Go to the ABS menu and program in an arbitrary tire size. Make sure you do this with the ignition in the run position but the engine NOT RUNNING as well. Put in the tire and road test. Keep playing with tire size until you have your speedometer as accurate as you can.

Can I change my tire pressure monitoring system settings?

  • YES!

Is the Speed Limiter Adjustable?

  • We disable the Speed Limiter for the Pedal Speed Control. We do not disable the Speed Limiter for the Cruise Control.

Is the Traction Control System Adjustable?

  • No. We cannot disable the Traction Control System. That is still only controlled with the dash button.

I like my Exhaust Brake features in my truck. Are those features left alone?

  • Yes. The Exhaust Brake features are retained with our tuning.

Once my truck is tuned do I still need to use Tow/Haul Mode when towing?

  • Yes. Continue to use Tow/Haul Mode when towing because it puts the automatic transmission in the best mode for towing.

Once the truck is programmed can I remove the MM3 Tuner Display Monitor?

  • Yes. The MM3 Tuner Display Monitor can be unplugged and will be set to the last program you set before disconnecting the Monitor.

OK, I get this much…but which MM3 Tuning Option is the right one for me?

  • Plain and simple it depends on your needs and budget… All our tuner prices are listed below and accessories like Exhaust, Intake and so on are extra.
  • Emissions, tuning has only one option and is $1497.00. However, with delete tuning there are several…
  • Express is $1297.00 and gets you only one tune of your choice, and it is the cheapest. This is for the customer that only needs/wants one tune to satisfy them and get them going.
  • Lite is $1497.00 and gets you six tunes with a 30HP Tow Tune, 60HP Street Tune, 90HP Street Mild Tune, 120HP Street Performance Tune, and a 150HP – 200HP+ All-Out Wild Hardcore Tune.
  • Full is $1897.00 and gets you every HP level we offer from 30HP-200HP as well as the sound tunes in the same HP levels (12V, Whistle Idle, and Lope) for a total of 19 Tunes.
  • For the 2007.5 – 2009 trucks all we offer is the Complete Option Package with Sound Tunes and that is priced at $1897.00. The Lope Tune is not offered.

Can I upgrade tuning packages after I have gotten my tuner?

  • Yes, you can at additional cost. We have those upgrade options on our website with pricing.

Does your tuning include trans tuning?

  • Yes, we include trans tuning for the 68RFE transmission only with our MM3 Tuners. The Aisin & G56 are not tuneable
  • On our 68RFE Trans Tuning we do alter shift points, lockup strategy (lockup in gears 3-6), and line pressure settings with all our transmissions tuning. We are an approved tuner for Revmax Transmissions. We can offer precise transmission tuning upon request, but generally, we send out a one size fits all trans tune first. We have a lot of experience with trans tuning, and we look at the year model, gearing, intended use, and all modifications before we make the tune that is sent out. 9 times out 10 our first trans tune gets it done, but if adjustments are needed we will do our best to make the customer happy.

How much power is safe with a stock truck?

  • A truck can break down with a bone stock tune, so we cannot guarantee anything. However, typically most truck engines will handle up to 120HP tune with no added modifications or issues.
  • Typically, both the 68RFE and the Aisin automatic transmissions will handle up to the 120HP tune without modifications as well.
  • Trucks with the G56 manual transmission generally will not handle much more than a 60HP tune with the stock clutch. Beyond that, a performance dual-disc clutch is usually needed to prevent slipping.
  • Beyond the 120HP mark, we strongly recommend you install ARP head studs in the engine to prevent a blown head gasket. We also recommend a performance valve body upgrade and a performance torque converter for the 68RFE to hold more than the 120HP tune. For the Aisin, we cannot make any recommendations since the aftermarket does not support this transmission.

Well, I have all read this and this just stinks to me!!!

  • Well if this is the case, then we at Double R Diesel recommend you do not modify your truck and go no further!

Well, I have read all this and I am ready to move forward!

  • Excellent! We are here and will gladly assist you! We strive to make things as easy as possible and provide our customers with the best customer service in the industry! No one does what we do, and we will stand on God’s word to treat you with respect and make you a customer for life. Our goal is for ALL our customers to be properly informed and happy at the end of the day!

Ready to purchase? Pick the year below of your truck to view our MM3 Tuner Packages we offer.

  • 2007.5 – 2009: HERE
  • 2010 – 2012: HERE
  • 2013 – 2019: HERE

Thank you, and God bless!
Double R Diesel