MM3 Tuner – Cab & Chassis Questions & Answers

MM3 Tuner Cab and Chassis Questions & Answers

MM3 Tuner Options for 2013-present model Cab & Chassis Trucks

True Cab and Chassis model trucks (VIN beginning with characters “3C7…”) are entirely different animals than the consumer pickup model trucks. The Cab and Chassis model trucks have a different ECM than the pickup models, and as a result, their tune file structure is entirely different than the pickup models. Furthermore, the Cab and Chassis model trucks utilize a different variant of the 6.7L Cummins. The cylinder head design and EGR cooler design is entirely different vs. the pickup models. The Cab and Chassis engine models have been known to have an inferior valve seat material vs. the pickup models, which has led to a few reported cases of valve seat/dropped valve failures when these engines are subjected to higher than stock fueling.

Because of the above, we feel it is best and only offer stock powered tuning options for the Cab and Chassis model trucks. Our typical Cab and Chassis customer merely wants to rid their truck of some problematic emissions components and get their truck back on the road to make a living…and that is what we provide for them.

There are companies out there that do offer increased HP options for the Cab and Chassis model trucks. But we also know that some of these companies (not all of course) merely shove a pickup calibration into the Cab and Chassis ECM to get around inherit tuning limiters within a right Cab and Chassis calibration. It is this precise reason why we have Cab and Chassis customers come to us from being tuned from elsewhere complaining that their trucks run poorly. We only send our tunes and tuners with the proper calibration for our Cab and Chassis customers.

In summary, we do offer tuning options for the 13-present model Cab and Chassis model trucks, but we try to do the right way so that we can give our Cab and Chassis truck customers a dependable correctly running truck for many miles to come.

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